Eriana Kwai’s Guide to Hunting Mermaids

1. Fitness

Mermaids are possibly the strongest creatures on Earth. Train hard, build strength, be nimble.
1 Fitness

2. Iron

A mermaid falls under the “faerie” genus. It is well-known folklore that a faerie’s weakness is iron. Use iron weapons, and protect yourself with it wherever possible.
2 iron

3. Resist The Allure

The dangers of mermaid allure result from a biological mutation of a mermaid’s XX chromosomes, which tend to cause men to lose their heads. Women tend to fare better against mermaids, but all genders must exercise caution.
3 Gender

4. Oxygen

Mermaids are mammals, and they need to breach for air. If you find yourself in a standoff separated by water alone, wait it out. The mermaid will need to surface within three hours.

4 Oxygen

5. Location

Mermaids are widespread, but some areas are more populated than others. Nests have been discovered in the Aleutian Islands, near Baja California, and in the North Atlantic Ocean. Be aware of these locations when hunting, and avoid sailing directly over top of them.

5 Location

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About Eriana Kwai

Eriana Kwai is an island in the North Pacific Ocean, located approximately 60 km off the shores of Haida Gwaii, BC. The Indigenous peoples have a long history with mermaids and have spent decades developing battle tactics. They have the only dedicated mermaid hunting program in the world. Learn more about Eriana Kwai.


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