The 5 best sapphic mermaid books

Looking for a sizzling f/f mermaid romance read? Here are the top 5 sapphic fantasy books about mermaids!

1. Ice Massacre (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai #1)

On an island where dangerous mermaids lure men to their deaths, warrior girls are sent to slay them. The problem: one of the warrior girls falls in love with the mermaid she was sent to kill. Not only is Ice Massacre the first in a trilogy, but it’s also a webcomic/graphic novel!

2. The Seafarer’s Kiss

A romance between a mermaid and a viking princess?! Yes please! Everything about this premise screams to me—it’s like The Little Mermaid meets Norse mythology, and there’s a lesbian romance. Author Julia Ember is 3 for 3 with this one.

3. The Fate of Stars (Sea and Stars #1)

What happens when a disgraced princess captures a mermaid? We get an engrossing enemies-to-lovers romance! Sign me up for anything enemies-to-lovers, especially in a fantasy setting. The captor/captive dynamic makes this love story by S.D. Simper especially interesting.

4. The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea

Technically this is a pirate romance, but there are mermaids! This book by Maggie Tokuda-Hall has excellent nonbinary and genderfluid representation, and it’s pretty dark, if you’re into a gritty YA Fantasy!

5. The Mermaid’s Daughter

Consider this Ann Claycomb story The Little Mermaid meets The Phantom of the Opera. Another winning combination. The romance is between opera singers, with the fantasy/mermaid elements unraveling throughout.

Hope you enjoy these excellent f/f fantasy romance reads. For more mermaids, sirens, and lesbian piracy, check out this Goodreads list of Sapphic Pirate Books!