Free Materials for Aspiring Authors

Are you an aspiring author? Do you want advice from an internationally bestselling author?

In 2019, I co-created a writer coaching business called “Blockbuster YA” to help aspiring Young Adult authors write a blockbuster novel, get published, and reach their goals. Since then, my career has led me in an exciting new direction and I’ve had to stop coaching, but all of the materials for the course live on.

The program co-creator is my sister, Stephanie Warner, who is a Vancouver Film School graduate, certified life coach, confidence coach, and professional marketing manager. Between the two of us, we spent hundreds of hours creating podcasts, videos, worksheets, and pep talks to guide you through the process of writing a book. The result is a 1.25 GB treasure trove of information. I use the worksheets myself whenever I start working on a new book. If you are an aspiring author wanting to write and publish your first novel, I highly recommend you check out these materials. Example topics include:

  • how to structure your story to fit the blueprint used by Hollywood
  • character design worksheets for your protagonist, antagonist, and supporting cast
  • book marketing and promotion tips

Above all, make sure you check out the plot structure slide deck. Our students raved about how useful the outlining process was and how it helped them write amazing first drafts.

These materials took hundreds of hours to create, so if you find them helpful, please consider donating a “tip” to my PayPal link below. Any amount is appreciated!

Happy writing!

With love,

Tiana Warner