The 5 best Norse mythology books to read after watching Thor

Craving more stories based on Norse mythology after watching Thor: Love and Thunder? Same! Here’s a list of the top 5 books rooted in Norse mythology to add to your bookshelf.

1. The Valkyrie’s Daughter

If you want more valkyrie action, The Valkyrie’s Daughter is a Young Adult Fantasy rooted in Norse mythology, and it features a f/f romance. This story about fierce warrior women on horseback is perfect for fans of Valkyrie’s character in Thor.

2. Norse Mythology

Everything we know about Old Norse beliefs and religion comes from one collection of poems called the Poetic Edda—but if you’re not interested in reading a complicated translation of the original Old Norse poetry (I don’t blame you), then this Neil Gaiman book is an excellent adaptation of those original stories. It’s probably the best adaptation out there, to be honest. The Thor and Loki tales are delightful, and I found myself picturing the Marvel actors as I read the stories and laughing out loud.

3. Eight Days of Luke

Endorsed by Neil Gaiman himself, this is a classic Middle Grade book first published in 1975 that’s based on Norse mythology. This is a story you’ll want to re-read to catch all of the hints and subtleties you missed the first time around!

4. The Magnus Chase series

It should come as no surprise that Rick Riordan appears in a list of books based on mythology. His Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series is an excellent Middle Grade adventure rooted in Norse mythology.

5. Loki’s Wolves

Another one coming at you from the Middle Grade bookshelf, but there really are some great YA/MG books about Norse mythology. This series is often compared to the Magnus Chase series, and K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr have created an epic adventure full of Norse gods and monsters.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did! And if you really want to geek out and understand the roots of Norse mythology, I recommend reading the original sources: the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda!

The 5 best sapphic mermaid books

Looking for a sizzling f/f mermaid romance read? Here are the top 5 sapphic fantasy books about mermaids!

1. Ice Massacre (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai #1)

On an island where dangerous mermaids lure men to their deaths, warrior girls are sent to slay them. The problem: one of the warrior girls falls in love with the mermaid she was sent to kill. Not only is Ice Massacre the first in a trilogy, but it’s also a webcomic/graphic novel!

2. The Seafarer’s Kiss

A romance between a mermaid and a viking princess?! Yes please! Everything about this premise screams to me—it’s like The Little Mermaid meets Norse mythology, and there’s a lesbian romance. Author Julia Ember is 3 for 3 with this one.

3. The Fate of Stars (Sea and Stars #1)

What happens when a disgraced princess captures a mermaid? We get an engrossing enemies-to-lovers romance! Sign me up for anything enemies-to-lovers, especially in a fantasy setting. The captor/captive dynamic makes this love story by S.D. Simper especially interesting.

4. The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea

Technically this is a pirate romance, but there are mermaids! This book by Maggie Tokuda-Hall has excellent nonbinary and genderfluid representation, and it’s pretty dark, if you’re into a gritty YA Fantasy!

5. The Mermaid’s Daughter

Consider this Ann Claycomb story The Little Mermaid meets The Phantom of the Opera. Another winning combination. The romance is between opera singers, with the fantasy/mermaid elements unraveling throughout.

Hope you enjoy these excellent f/f fantasy romance reads. For more mermaids, sirens, and lesbian piracy, check out this Goodreads list of Sapphic Pirate Books!

Tiana Warner Books Launching in Summer 2022

We have an exciting summer ahead. These will be the busiest two months in my entire author career, with FOUR book launches happening within weeks of each other! Grab your calendar and a pen, and let’s take a look at what’s coming.

July 6: From Fan to Forever

From Fan to Forever is an age-gap celebrity romance that is the most sizzling story I’ve ever written. When university student Rachel hits it off with an actress who’s filming a movie in her neighborhood, she gets whisked into Hollywood, where she has to weigh the risks of having her personal life exposed if she wants to continue being with Cate.

Pre-orders open next week! Subscribe to my newsletter to get notified.

July 26: The Valkyrie’s Daughter

I’ve been screaming about this book for two years, so no intro is needed for this one. I have an update: print copies arrived! Look how beautiful they are!

Pre-launch events are underway, and more are coming. In honor of Pride Month, check out my recent post for the Entangled blog, Why Sapphic YA Is So Important.

August 9: A Taste of Her

Surprise! Another book!

A Taste of Her is a collection of all of the weekly sapphic short stories I’ve been publishing over the last few months. I’m bundling ALL of them into one book, which will be available as an ebook and paperback. Look at this awesome cover design!

Special pre-order price: get it for 0.99 before August 12

August 23: Eternally Hers

This f/f paranormal romance box set is a collaboration with other authors in the same genre, and I’ll be contributing a shifter novella called Cougar Woods. My story is about cougars who shift into cougars (like werewolves with a cheeky twist). I seriously love how it turned out, and I can’t wait to share more details with you as the launch date draws closer.

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The Helheim Princess is now THE VALKYRIE’S DAUGHTER

The Helheim Princess has a new title and cover design! When we had to delay publication due to supply chain problems, my publisher decided to use these months to amplify the book’s publicity. This means we’re getting a big, mainstream YA Fantasy book with a sapphic protagonist. Exciting, right?!

With more commercial exposure comes a fresh look, so I’m excited to unveil THE VALKYRIE’S DAUGHTER, launching everywhere on July 26, 2022.

If you preordered the book when it was called The Helheim Princess, don’t worry, you’re still good. And if you haven’t preordered it yet, now is a great time! It’s available at all major book retailers.

New “The Valkyrie’s Daughter” Artwork

I’m excited to unveil this gorgeous art for The Valkyrie’s Daughter!

Artist: April Pierce

Tap or click the image to download in high quality. You can also order it as a bookplate/sticker!

Did you know that preordering a book helps the author tremendously? Preorders count toward sales on release day, and more sales means a better chance of hitting bestseller lists! Please help me launch a bestseller by preordering your copy of The Valkyrie’s Daughter!

Ice Massacre is Awarded Best Graphic Novel 2020

Ice Massacre: The Graphic Novel has received two Sequential Magazine awards! The team has been awarded “Best Graphic Novel” and Tiana Warner has been awarded “Favourite Writer”.

Download this issue of Sequential Magazine to read an interview with Tiana Warner and April Pierce

Thank you for all of your support! You can read the comic on Tapas, get bonus content and read advance pages on Patreon, and buy Volume 1 on Amazon.

Read the official announcement

Ice Massacre Store Launch & New Promo Art

For the last few months, April Pierce and I have been releasing the Ice Massacre comic on various platforms as we create it, one page per week. It’s been exciting to see our audience growing on sites like Webtoons and Tapas. Today we’re pleased to introduce a new promo image and awesome merchandise!

Meela and Lysi – “Into Water”

More promo images are on the way! We’ll be sharing those on Patreon and social media, so be sure to follow us so you don’t miss anything. To access more bonus illustrations, videos, and behind-the-scenes content, please consider supporting the comic on Patreon. Your support will help us keep creating! Plus, our $5 Patrons can read pages more quickly than public channels.

Awesome New Merchandise

Visit our new online store, launching today, to browse all of our promo images and to order prints, mugs, shirts, notebooks, pillows, and other fun merch.

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Print Edition Update

We’re getting closer to launching the first print and Kindle issue of the graphic novel, which will comprise about 65 pages. Looking forward to sharing this with you!

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How Books Can Save The World

Reading fiction is one of the most important things you can do, and science can prove it. Here’s why a good fantasy or sci-fi has the power to make the world a better place.

I truly believe that the problems facing our world stem from a lack of compassion — prejudice, inequality, the treatment of animals and the environment, even nasty comments on social media. If everyone had more concern over others’ suffering, the world would be a better place.

Good news: science shows that reading books makes us more compassionate. Stories make us see the world through someone else’s eyes, to feel what they feel, to understand their dreams, fears, and struggles. Stories teach us empathy. Here’s some science:

  1. Fiction makes us more receptive to different thoughts and beliefs. A 2013 study showed that reading literary fiction (i.e. fiction that focuses on the character’s thoughts and feelings) made participants more likely to understand that someone else’s beliefs can be different from our own.
  2. Fiction makes us less prejudiced. A 2014 study showed that kids who read Harry Potter are more likely to recognize and reject prejudice in real life. It makes sense: look at the way Voldemort and his supporters consider pureblood wizards to be above others. Today, stories are shifting toward more diverse characters, which means we have the best opportunity ever to understand someone of a different age, race, gender, and body.
  3. Fiction makes us understand another person’s suffering. A 2011 study showed that people who read about an experience activate the same neurons as if they’re actually living it. It’s an enlightening experience to go on an epic adventure, even if it is inside your head. When we feel a character’s struggle in a story, it makes us more likely to be empathetic in real life.
  4. Fiction makes us better at social interactions. In 2018, psychologists analyzed a bunch of experiments on this topic and found that after reading just one story, people show better social cognition, i.e. the ability to understand and interact with people.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of scientific articles and studies to support the above points. I also think fiction makes us understand that change is inevitable and good, because in nearly all story arcs, the character undergoes a big change and comes out better for it. We learn a lot about others and ourselves by reading a story. There’s no arguing it: fiction makes us better people.

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Can’t you also learn empathy from movies and TV?

Movies and TV don’t get into characters’ heads as much as books do. In a film, we’re watching someone—same as in real life. In a book, we get inside the characters’ heads, understanding their motivations, feelings, and secrets. Books empower us to experience the story rather than to simply watch it happen to someone else.

What about nonfiction?

Nonfiction is great for learning things and bettering yourself. I love a good biography or self-help book. But nonfiction is less effective at making people more compassionate, and the above studies provide evidence. Besides, good fiction has real themes. The story might involve fantasy elements, but it’s really about human struggles we can all relate to.

In defense of speculative fiction

A lot of people, including agents, publishers, and film/TV awards, shun fantasy/sci-fi in favor of realistic or literary stories. But how many people have been motivated to be a better person because of a superhero they identify with? How many people have been inspired to become scientists because of a sci-fi? What about the lessons we learn from a war between fantasy races? Fantasy and sci-fi are ideal for teaching empathy because the fictional setting means the reader won’t get defensive about whatever social issues are being addressed. The power of speculative fiction is real and should not be underestimated.

Your challenge: introduce someone to reading

Are there people in your life who don’t read fiction? See if you can get them to read your favorite book. Personally, I’ve found Harry Potter to be the best gateway. Lend them your copy, or better yet, get them the audiobook to listen to on their commute. You’ll help save the world, and plus, you get to watch them experience your favorite book for the first time – and seriously, there’s nothing better.

What do you think? Do you agree that reading fiction can make the world a better place?

What to expect at ClexaCon, the #1 fan expo for LGBTQ+ women

Okay, people. ClexaCon. This convention is dedicated to the positive representation of LGBTQ+ women in film, TV, books, comics, and other forms of media. I just got back from ClexaCon 2019 in Las Vegas, and oh my.

If you’re curious about this event and wondering if you should go, the short answer is yes. Here’s a recap of what went down this weekend, and what you can expect at ClexaCon 2020 and onward.

Flock of baby unicorns and a velociraptor: check.

Step 1: Fangirl over celebrities

Wayhaught Q&A panel, live podcast recordings, workshops hosted by Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman… The schedule for this event is crazy cool.

At its heart is a series of panels, photo ops, signings, and many other opportunities to meet top female LGBTQ+ actors/characters from film and TV. ClexaCon 2019 guests included actresses from Wynonna Earp, Carmilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Runaways, Glee, One Day At A Time, and loads more. There was no shortage of opportunities to interact with them. I saw them wandering about (Dominique Provost-Chalkley legit strolled past me as I was getting coffee), and there were always several celebs at a time at the meet-and-greet tables.

Owning Lexa’s throne. #lgbtfansdeservebetter

Step 2: Discover books, comics, art, and more

I spent the weekend among the exhibitor booths with the other vendors, artists, and authors. It was incredible how many creators were there! As a fan, this is an amazing opportunity to meet your favorite creators of LGBTQ+ content and discover new ones.

Step 3: Make friends and network

It’s impossible not to make friends at this event. It happens while walking around, but they also facilitate it with events like Speed Friending. We’re a bunch of fans all here for the same reasons.

If you’re a creator, there are lots of opportunities to chat with other people in the business and exchange info. Reps from Tello Films were present and offered opportunities for pitching and asking questions. I was so excited to chat with other authors in my genre, and I finally got to meet fellow “warrior girl x mermaid” author Julia Ember in person.

Step 4: Party on, because it’s Vegas

Every night had an event going on, and whether you prefer partying or Netflixing, there was something for everyone.

For creators and consumers of stories about queer women, ClexaCon is an unparalleled opportunity

As a queer female author and webcomic creator, I was thrilled with the opportunities this convention offered. By getting a booth in the exhibitor hall, I was able to bring my books and the Ice Massacre webcomic to their intended audience. Definitely a win-win situation.

Boothin’ at ClexaCon 2019.

My favorite part by a landslide was getting to meet readers. It was also exciting to meet people who had heard of Ice Massacre and had been wanting to read it! Honestly, I was blown away to discover people had actually heard of me. This was such an exciting and rewarding experience.

Scroll @ClexaCon on Twitter and check out the hashtag to see tweets from attendees.

Video: What inspired Aries 181

Aries 181 has now launched! Get it now in ebook and paperback. Here’s an 80-second video about what inspired the story.

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Tiana Warner here, author of the upcoming Aries 181. In this book, an aerospace intern discovers her boss is a supervillain who is stealing technology to build his company. The proof copy just arrived in the mail. It launches March 26th, and today I thought I would talk about what inspired the story.

First, science. If you are fascinated by books like The Martian, the technology in this story has a similar feel. The company ‘Aries’ is based on real aerospace companies, like NASA, who create earth imaging satellites. I’ve worked with some of this technology over the last few years, and was geeking out so hard over it that it sparked an idea for a novel. I thought, what if I stumbled on something I wasn’t supposed to see while working with these satellite images?

Second is being a nerd. If you enjoy books like Ready Player One, the geekery will be up your alley. And plus you can dive into what it’s like to work at a tech company.

Third, a huge part of this novel was inspired by partners in crime. So Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Joker and Harley. But this supervillain duo is robbing science labs instead of banks.

The book takes place in Vancouver.

And features badass, LGBTQ+ female leads.

And I think that’s all I’ve got to say about it. So that’s what you can expect from Aries 181. Thanks for listening, and get ready for a Chapter 1 preview in a few weeks!

Huge nerd … How do I look?