Signed Bookplates

Do you want a signed copy of a Tiana Warner novel? Bookplates are stickers with an authentic author signature that you can affix to the inside of your book! It’s a great way to get a signed copy when meeting the author in person isn’t possible.

Mermaid and valkyrie themed bookplates with a hand-written signature are available now.

The cost is $4.00 USD to cover printing and shipping. Please use the PayPal form below to place your order, and I’ll personally mail you your hand-signed bookplate(s).

Mermaid-themed Tiana Warner Bookplate

Hand-signed mermaid bookplate sticker by Tiana Warner.


(Set of 3) Mermaid-themed Tiana Warner Bookplates

Three hand-signed mermaid bookplate stickers for your Mermaids of Eriana Kwai trilogy. Bulk discount.


Valkyrie-themed Tiana Warner Bookplate

Hand-signed valkyrie bookplate sticker by Tiana Warner for your copy of The Valkyrie’s Daughter.


The Valkyrie’s Daughter Bookplate

Bookplate sticker of the official promo art for The Valkyrie’s Daughter, hand-signed by Tiana Warner.