Today I have the pleasure of being featured on Tethered by Letters, where I discuss my writing career, publication path, and the research process behind the Mermaids of Eriana Kwai series.

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Halloween is possibly my favourite time of year. First of all, I never miss a chance to dress in costume. Second, pumpkin everything. Third, while I’m a complete wimp when it comes to horror movies, I love a good thriller.

To celebrate this excellent month, here’s a list of 6 creeptastic YA thriller novels I’ve come across recently. Theme: they’re all about serial killers. (Most of them teenagers — because what’s more disturbing than a murderer? A juvenile murderer! Oh what fun!) Read More

1. Fitness

Your legs and feet are the only advantage you have over a mermaid. A mermaid cannot jump, kick, or run. Train hard, build strength, be nimble.
1 Fitness

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This month I had the pleasure of attending the 2011 OurCS conference at Carnegie Mellon University. OurCS is a 3 day undergraduate research workshop for women in computer science, focused on teaching students about research opportunities, graduate school, and some specialized real-world research problems. It was last held in 2007, although I think they’re going to try and make it an annual event.

If you’re a female computer science undergraduate, reading this because you’re wondering if you should go to this conference next year, my answer is “Yes. Go.” For me, the conference cleared up so many unknowns about graduate school. I had no idea what graduate school was like, whether I wanted to go, or what kinds of research it entailed. I came away with hands-on research experience and full of inspiration.

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Warner Spills and Chills

Me and my cousins falling off our horses. Made with Windows Movie Maker when I was in high school. Classic.