Video: What inspired Aries 181

Aries 181 is launching in two months! Here’s an 80-second video about what inspired the story.


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Tiana Warner here, author of the upcoming Aries 181. In this book, an aerospace intern discovers her boss is a supervillain who is stealing technology to build his company. The proof copy just arrived in the mail. It launches March 26th, and today I thought I would talk about what inspired the story.

First, science. If you are fascinated by books like The Martian, the technology in this story has a similar feel. The company ‘Aries’ is based on real aerospace companies, like NASA, who create earth imaging satellites. I’ve worked with some of this technology over the last few years, and was geeking out so hard over it that it sparked an idea for a novel. I thought, what if I stumbled on something I wasn’t supposed to see while working with these satellite images?

Second is being a nerd. If you enjoy books like Ready Player One, the geekery will be up your alley. And plus you can dive into what it’s like to work at a tech company.

Third, a huge part of this novel was inspired by partners in crime. So Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Joker and Harley. But this supervillain duo is robbing science labs instead of banks.

The book takes place in Vancouver.

And features badass, LGBTQ+ female leads.

And I think that’s all I’ve got to say about it. So that’s what you can expect from Aries 181. Thanks for listening, and get ready for a Chapter 1 preview in a few weeks!

Huge nerd … How do I look?

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by fellow YA author, Kelly Charron. Click the image below to head over and read my thoughts on the writing process, advice for aspiring writers, and more.

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I hopped through more than 70 book blogs this week to promote the release of Ice Massacre. The blitz included a signed paperback giveaway, free Kindle promotion, excerpt, interviews, and guest posts. Below are a few of the stops.

Author Tiana Warner and her mermaid pod at the Ice Massacre launch party, September 18th 2014. Click to see the photo album.

Author Tiana Warner and her mermaid pod at the Ice Massacre launch party, September 18th 2014. Click to see the photo album.

A pod of mermaids was spotted Thursday night in English Bay, Vancouver. Crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of this elusive species as they made their way across the beach and into the Boathouse. Men were warned to stay away from the group, as mermaids possess a supernatural allure that has lured sailors to their deaths for centuries.

“People don’t realize this species is dangerous,” says Tiana Warner, spokesperson for the mermaids. “They can turn from beautiful to deadly in the blink of an eye.”

Ice Massacre was released yesterday on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. The launch party was a huge success—a real dream come true. I can’t possibly express how grateful I am to everyone who came.

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