Aries 181

Aries 181 title.png

A crime spree to steal aerospace technology. An intern with the brains to stop it.

When Jess uncovers evidence that her boss is stealing technology to build his company, her coveted internship at Aries turns from dream job to catastrophe. Worse, her boss cons another young woman into becoming his accomplice, and the duo’s chemically enhanced skills and weapons help them become the most infamous supercriminals to sweep the tech world. Before they pilfer every aerospace lab in North America, Jess must use her ingenuity to stop them—risking her career, her relationships, and maybe even her life.

Tiana Warner is the multi-award-winning author of the Mermaids of Eriana Kwai trilogy. She is a proud geek and a woman in STEM. She has a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia and has spent several years working with the remote sensing technology explored in Aries 181.

Help Jess catch Halley and Tony!