The Warner Sisters

Tiana Warner and Stephanie Warner are sisters from Greater Vancouver who write screenplays featuring diverse female protagonists. They have spent their lives collaborating on creative projects, including many years working on the same marketing team, providing beta feedback on each other’s novels, and co-writing screenplays.

Warner Sisters screenwriters

MERMAID SLAYERS – Teen Fantasy Film; TV Drama Series (LGBTQ+)

When indigenous female warriors are sent to battle the mermaids who have slain the men before them, one of the warriors falls in love with a mermaid she was sent to kill.

This is an adaptation of Tiana’s award-winning trilogy, Mermaids of Eriana Kwai, which has gained a fanbase and has also been produced in audiobook form and as a graphic novel.


On a quest to find her True Purpose in life, an outgoing millennial girl tries her hand at a string of odd and exciting career paths.

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